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Experts with you to explore how to measure the size of tapered roller bearings


Tapered roller bearing as a bearing type circulation on the market is very frequent, widely recognized by customers, many customers can meet the size problems in the purchase of tapered roller bearings, tapered roller bearings after all, there are many different sizes , only fit their size is the most suitable buy !
Here we let the professional staff to teach you some questions on how to measure the size of the tapered roller bearings, determine the size of the tapered roller bearings in millimeters to do a number of measurements. Tapered roller bearings allow free movement or rotation of objects. Tapered roller bearings are widely used in industrial equipment, as well as many types of wheels .

1. The measurement of the tapered roller bearing is generally in millimeters, and the diameter of the tapered roller bearing is observed from its annular side. Diameter (mm) measure the width of a circle along a line through its center .

2, determine the diameter of the center hole of the bearing, the unit is mm. This will ensure that the bearings are fitted to the shaft .

3, measurement of tapered roller bearings to observe the thickness of the edge in millimeters .

By measuring the size of the tapered roller bearing professional can accurately know the use of tapered roller bearings of this type is suitable for our mechanical equipment, so we have to learn all kinds of knowledge about tapered roller bearing, in order to facilitate our daily work better !