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Experts suggest that the maintenance of tapered roller bearings to find a good w


First, the tapered roller bearing in operation, to fully guarantee the lubrication, and in accordance with the actual use of the situation on a regular basis to add oil, not a long time off oil. So, in terms of user enterprises , should choose a better, more suitable for the lubrication of tapered roller bearings . New special tapered roller bearing oil can significantly improve the lubrication performance, extended Huanyouzhouqi, extend the service life of tapered roller bearing , has good anti rust , corrosion resistance etc..
Second, the world's imports of tapered roller bearing products of a total of about 150 thousand of the tapered roller bearings used to enhance the nylon material holder, the use of temperature should be less than 120 degrees Celsius, the oil is strictly prohibited .

In addition, the tapered roller bearing cleaning and maintenance should pay attention to methods, prevent damage, scratch the surface of the roller. Try to remove residues of tapered roller bearing parts, should use the method of flushing, suction sleeve internal cleaning residual oil is preferred. Should pay attention to avoid the use of dumping and the accumulation of cleaning waste residue in the cone roller bearing parts, resulting in the production of cone roller bearings noise , wear failure and other issues .

Normal tapered roller bearing operation sound should be symmetrical , smooth and not harsh shrill voice , but not the normal tapered roller bearing operation has a variety of intermittent sound , aggressive or unpleasant to the ear piercing sound . First to get used to the normal operation of the bearing sound , then you can grasp the determination of tapered roller bearing operation the sound is not normal, and then through the accumulation of experience, and further clarify what kind of abnormal sound corresponding to what kind of bearing is not a normal phenomenon . Tapered roller bearing abnormal sound not many, difficult to explain in words , mainly rely on the experience accumulated .

We will continue to sum up the experience in the use of tapered roller bearings in the normal daily work, constantly sum up some of the problems encountered and solutions, so as to constantly improve our professional knowledge, so that we can work better in the days after work!