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Analysis of TIMKEN ball bearing vibration is the main reason for the emergence o


When the society in many large industrial enterprises in the choice of bearing will first consider the TIMKEN bearing, which illustrates the influence of TIMKEN bearings in the global scope, the stability of Timken bearing in the process of using, low failure rate, longer life expectancy, but inevitably will encounter some problems in the use process.
The noise problem of TIMKEN ball bearing is a lot of people want to solve the problem of ball bearing work when severe vibration, vibration when many ball bearings will appear big noise, causing very bad influence on people's hearing and mood, here we have to analyze some questions such as why noise!

Timken bearing noise may be a general, bearing, serious aging, resulting in Timken heavy load bearing excessive aging, bearing has a certain loss, severe friction generated a lot of noise!

Problem two, assembly, assembly of Timken bearing correctly to ensure the normal use of the bearing, if the dislocation, or assembly failure may cause noise, serious or even accidents!

Three, Timken bearings are not fully lubricated, not good lubrication, bearing and bearing sets of friction between the increase, easy to produce noise and other issues.

With the above we can see that the resulting Timken ball bearing noise causes the reasons of these aspects, as long as we in the daily production work to strengthen the inspection, in strict accordance with the operating rules of operation, so we can avoid the fault problems of Timken bearing to a great extent!